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  • 15 inch Double Dildo pink

    Double Dildo for the Double Header 500 x 40 mmDouble up on the fun with a Jelly Double Dong This shared sex toy provides double ended pleasure so you can connect to your partner vagina to vagina vagina to anus or anus to anus The back and forth combinations will have you spending double the time having double the sensation Each end of the red jelly shaft features stimulating texture and a realistic cock tip for twice the orgasm

  • Amethyst Medium YONI EGG

    Amethyst is a stone that soothes stress and anxiety and brings clarity of mind It can help us to overcome unhealthy addictions behaviour patterns Amethyst enables us to drop victim consciousness instead helping us to understand the root causes of our self destructive beliefs and habits It helps us to embrace and enjoy being in our physical bodies here on earth On a physical level amethyst balances the brain and nervous system and assists with oxygenation of the body It is a great stone to use for any meditation practice assisting with self realisation and recognising ourselves as pure source energy Perfect for a conscious sexuality practice A practice that has been around for centuries Yoni Eggs are carved from crystals into the shape of eggs They are inserted into the vagina for up to 12 hours per day for the purpose of strengthening the vaginal muscles and toning the pelvic floor The sexual benefits from using a Yoni Egg are far reaching When the vaginal muscles are weak we can experience vaginal desensitisation and dryness leading to weak non existent orgasms and or uncomfortable sex When a yoni egg is used on a daily basis however the entire vaginal area becomes far more responsive as more blood flows to this area creating increased lubrication orgasms are far more frequent and much deeper and more intense and it becomes far easier to reach G spot and full body cervical orgasms as opposed to more superficial clitoral orgasms Tighter muscles and more muscle control in general are developed thereby creating more pleasure for men as well Regular use of a yoni egg also helps connect us far more deeply to this area of our bodies Most of us experience some kind of disconnect from our sexuality at some point in our lives and by getting back in touch with our bodies in such an intimate way we are able to release old stuck negative emotions and beliefs that no longer serve us which works wonders for improving our sex lives This medium Amethyst Yoni Egg measures in at 4 3 x 3 0cm and is packaged in a beautiful presentation pouch with a silk carrying pouch included Sideways drilled through narrow end of each egg Unwaxed unflavoured dental floss for threading and a cleaning brush included Full instruction booklet included As this is a natural product and due to the individual characteristics of the stones variance in the appearance of the eggs is to be expected

  • Anal Plug with Crystal Small

    Stainless Steel Anal Plug with Random Colour Crystal Small 28 x 70 mmAdd a touch of luxury with this anal plug with a round Crystal This luxury Silver 28mm anal plug has the classic spade like shape that weighs in at 55 Grams and having an insertable length of 60mm this plug is heavy as well as filling and has an anal safe 28mm wide base that holds the beautiful round shaped clear crystal Always look your best and enjoy the thrilling sensations you can only get from anal play Enjoy a constant sensation as these plugs weigh more than others while the gemstone like detailing on the handle of the plug adds a little sparkle to your stimulation Just add your favorite Water Based Lubricant to make it easier to put in After use carefully wash the toy with mild soap and water

  • Bathmate GLADIATOR Power Ring

    The Bathmate Gladiator features 3 internal bumps offering extra pleasure It s flexible and durable blend of materials adds excitment to the bathmate routine and enhances erection strength and sexual satisfaction Internal Diameter 2cm Ring Width 1cm Internal Texture Beaded

  • Bathmate Hydro7 Penis Pump Enlarger Blue

    If you re looking for the perfect way to start increasing your sexual power erection strength and overall confidence the Bathmate Hydro7 is a powerful effective choice Bathmate penis pumps are all about convenient safe use and real results Perfect if you re a first time penis pump user the Bathmate Hydro series the very first collection of hydropumps offer real value for money and build lasting gains Creating a relatively moderate level of pressure the Hydro series lets you begin your penis pump workout gently quickly building up real gains It s easy to use when in the shower or bath just fill your Hydro7 with warm water and seal it against your body for three 5 minute sessions to start your journey to fantastic results For a hands free shower routine get the shower strap here This model has been designed to support the majority of users around the world and is ideal for those with penises between 5 and 7 inches 12 5 18cm long when fully erect and caters to an erect girth of up to 16 5 cm If you re looking for a more powerful option in this size check out the Hydromax7 Previously known as the Bathmate Hercules

  • Bathmate SPARTAN Power Ring

    Built from Elastomex a flexible and highly durable blend the Bathmate Spartan is a no frills octagonal textured ring Its flexible and durable blend of materials adds excitement to the Bathmate routine and enhances erection strength and sexual satisfaction Internal Diameter 2cm Ring Width 1cm Internal Texture Ridged

  • Beauments Doppio Dual Vibe

    Delivery in 2 4 days Infuse some excitement and fun into your sex life The multi talented Doppio is a rumbly versatile dual vibrator that is perfect for adding variety to your sex life Seasoned toy user or not there are a multitude of ways in which to enjoy your Doppio which makes this toy very exciting The Doppio s shape is engineered to reach all of the external and internal erogenous zones of both the female and the male body including the nipples the clitoris the G spot perineum and some sensitive areas of the penis Made from high quality body safe silicone this unique design doesn t compete with anybody else s body part The Doppio comes equipped with three vibrator motors that can be turned on at different times all of which are whisper quiet with 7 different vibration modes Two motors are located in each of the arms while one is in the main body of the toy You can either have the arms the body or both on at the same time Easy to access light up control buttons live on the top of the toy making it easier to spot in the dark too What we like about the Doppio is that it gives off a powerful rumbly vibe which in our opinion is far more impactful than the buzzy kind especially considering all the places you can use it While some might consider using this as a cock ring we don t think it s snug enough for this Then again doesn t mean you can t try it out The Doppio is compact and waterproof which is especially nice for outdoor adventure and all kinds of erotic water games The Doppio is rechargeable with a USB charging cable included Comes with a 1 year warranty

  • Ben Wa Balls

    For centuries Ben Wa Balls have helped women ensure they re exercising their vaginal walls and bladder muscles in a way that will positively impact sexual arousal and restore and maintain vaginal elasticity

  • Big Teaze Toys I Rub My Duckie Paris Waterproof Massager Vibrator

    With its innocent eyes and traditional rubber duck body the very elegant Paris I Rub My Duckie is one of the most discreet waterproof massagers available Cute and naughty I Rub My Duckie has a strong but quiet motor which feeds the incredible vibrations to its head and tail Just press down on its back and relax as powerful waves of vibration sooth away the stresses and tensions of daily life It is completely latex free and comes with a removable feather boa and a Swarovski Crystal beak earring Speeds 3 Dimensions 12 7 x 8 9 x 12 7 cm 2 AA Batteries not included

  • Bijoux Petits Bonbons Tickle Me Tickler

    Luxurious soft feathers promise to deliver a whole world of sensation while you explore and play with this sexy little addition to your collection The Tickle Me Tickler can be used to thrill and tease your entire body and is even more effective when used in conjunction with a blindfold making it ideal for some sensory play and light bondage sessions

  • Clone a Pussy Kit HOT Pink

    Want to have some fun The Clone A Pussy casting kit allows any woman to immortalize her vaginal lips in 100 platinum cure body safe silicone Create an exact replica of the outer portion of your vagina from the privacy and comfort of your own home with this simple casting kit It s sexy and fun to do and is also an awesome Bachelorette or Valentines day gift idea The kit comes with everything you need Body safe Hot Pink colored silicone Moulding powder Moulding container Easy to follow instructions