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  • Amethyst Medium YONI EGG

    Amethyst is a stone that soothes stress and anxiety and brings clarity of mind It can help us to overcome unhealthy addictions behaviour patterns Amethyst enables us to drop victim consciousness instead helping us to understand the root causes of our self destructive beliefs and habits It helps us to embrace and enjoy being in our physical bodies here on earth On a physical level amethyst balances the brain and nervous system and assists with oxygenation of the body It is a great stone to use for any meditation practice assisting with self realisation and recognising ourselves as pure source energy Perfect for a conscious sexuality practice A practice that has been around for centuries Yoni Eggs are carved from crystals into the shape of eggs They are inserted into the vagina for up to 12 hours per day for the purpose of strengthening the vaginal muscles and toning the pelvic floor The sexual benefits from using a Yoni Egg are far reaching When the vaginal muscles are weak we can experience vaginal desensitisation and dryness leading to weak non existent orgasms and or uncomfortable sex When a yoni egg is used on a daily basis however the entire vaginal area becomes far more responsive as more blood flows to this area creating increased lubrication orgasms are far more frequent and much deeper and more intense and it becomes far easier to reach G spot and full body cervical orgasms as opposed to more superficial clitoral orgasms Tighter muscles and more muscle control in general are developed thereby creating more pleasure for men as well Regular use of a yoni egg also helps connect us far more deeply to this area of our bodies Most of us experience some kind of disconnect from our sexuality at some point in our lives and by getting back in touch with our bodies in such an intimate way we are able to release old stuck negative emotions and beliefs that no longer serve us which works wonders for improving our sex lives This medium Amethyst Yoni Egg measures in at 4 3 x 3 0cm and is packaged in a beautiful presentation pouch with a silk carrying pouch included Sideways drilled through narrow end of each egg Unwaxed unflavoured dental floss for threading and a cleaning brush included Full instruction booklet included As this is a natural product and due to the individual characteristics of the stones variance in the appearance of the eggs is to be expected

  • Anal Plug with Crystal Small

    Stainless Steel Anal Plug with Random Colour Crystal Small 28 x 70 mmAdd a touch of luxury with this anal plug with a round Crystal This luxury Silver 28mm anal plug has the classic spade like shape that weighs in at 55 Grams and having an insertable length of 60mm this plug is heavy as well as filling and has an anal safe 28mm wide base that holds the beautiful round shaped clear crystal Always look your best and enjoy the thrilling sensations you can only get from anal play Enjoy a constant sensation as these plugs weigh more than others while the gemstone like detailing on the handle of the plug adds a little sparkle to your stimulation Just add your favorite Water Based Lubricant to make it easier to put in After use carefully wash the toy with mild soap and water

  • Ben Wa Balls

    For centuries Ben Wa Balls have helped women ensure they re exercising their vaginal walls and bladder muscles in a way that will positively impact sexual arousal and restore and maintain vaginal elasticity

  • Feel So Alive Remote Controlled Vibrating Pleasure Plug

    Enjoy a deeper level of fulfillment with this silky soft remote controlled vibrating plug from the Fifty Shades Freed Collection This plug is ideal for beginners as well as seasoned anal play users as it gradually widens for different levels of pleasure It boasts 8 vibration patterns and 12 vibration speeds all controlled with or without the remote control which makes playing solo a breeze and playing with your lover a lot more fun 100 waterproof making bath and shower session that much more steamy too The T bar base also allows for peace of mind and allows for ease of insertion and removal How does it measure up Total length 13 5cmInsertable length 11cmDiameter at widest point 3cm Conveniently USB rechargeable with magnetic pin included this gorgeous toy takes 120 minutes to charge for a play time of up to an hour Made from silky soft silicone this plug is best used with a water based lubricant and easily cleaned with mild soap and warm water

  • FeelzToys Vibrating Playbrush

    Are you basting your lover in chocolate dripping vibrating delight tonight or are you just in it for the tease What we adore the most about FeelzToys is their fresh take on the world of adult toys and playtime There is no end to where and how the playbrush can be used and we love it A straightforward budget friendly cute and super stimulating vibrating start to any kind of sexcapade Can t stop thinking about what this will feel like running across the inside of your thigh and then distracted much The Playbrush is made from 100 medical grade high quality silicone It is hypoallergenic and easy to clean with mild soap and warm water Length 15 cm Uses 2xmicro batteries with a free set included aaaah

  • Fun Factory B Ball UNO Unisex Weighted Butt Plug

    B Ball UNO is unisex toy for lovers of extra anal stimulation When you move the weighted ball inside bounces rolls and rumbles to release arousing sensations equivalent to the amount of activity you re indulging in The stronger the activity the more intense the rotation of the balls all without a motor which creates a more organic feel than vibration Great rotational movements are triggered during intercourse which deeply intensifies your orgasm Providing a wonderful sensation of fullness the top of the ball is tear drop shaped for easy insertion The narrow base of the toy makes it suitable for anal use and as it doesn t hinder any other erogenous zones it s great for use during intercourse too B Ball UNO is discreet and comfortable for use in public HIGHLIGHTS FOR HER The motion of UNO intensifies her orgasms Double penetration with partner or toy possible More intense rotation with thrust movements during sex Partner may feel the motions of the ball and the tightness of the vagina during intercourse HIGHLIGHTS FOR HIM Light tapping around the prostate area for hours of wearing pleasure Long lasting arousal full control over climaxing During sex with partner intense stimulation with every thrust How does it measure up Diameter 3 2cm Length 7 3cm Weight 52g This silicone toy is best used with plenty of Toyfluid or your favourite water based lubricant Easily cleaned with Fun Factory Toy Cleaner which is specially made for silicone toys and your genital areas or with mild soap and warm water

  • Fun Factory Bendy Beads Anal Beads

    BENDYBEADS offers some thrilling possibilities At first glance this elegantly winding anal chain with a unique artistic look is pleasing to the eye The truly sensual sensation for him or her begins however by slowly inserting the BENDYBEADS The elements in varying sizes deliver passion pearl for pearl each with a lithe flexibility and pleasant firmness An intense feeling which heightens once again upon withdrawal right down to the last sweet drop Upgrade your BENDYBEADS and add sensual vibrations with a BULLET of your choice which fits perfectly into the loop at the end of the toy More firm and rigid when compared to FLEXI FELIX Very flexible and elastic material Soft and gentle texture finishing Made of 100 medical grade silicone Hypoallergenic easy to clean with mild soap and warm water 26 2 cm 2 cm 3 4 cm 115g

  • Fun Factory Bootie Beginners Anal Plug

    The Bootie offers the perfect training for a new kind of anal exploration and is the perfect toy for newcomers and connoisseurs alike The successful combination of high flexibility and necessary hardness make this appealing plug a highly erotic toy At the top end the Bootie is rounded making it particularly easy to insert The other end is wide enough to ensure that it stays in place all by itself Fun Factory anal plugs are made of 100 medical grade silicone They are flexible yet still retain the necessary hardness needed to bring you maximum pleasure Easy to care for and hypoallergenic Best used with a water based lubricant Length 7 6 cm Insertable Length 6 5 cm Broadest Diameter 2 7 cm

  • Fun Factory Fun Cup Menstrual Cup Kit Size A B

    Save time money the environment and your mental energy with a cup you can leave in safely all day What we like about the FUN CUP is its shape Unlike other menstrual cups we ve tried the FUN CUP is shaped to curve with your body making it really comfortable as it seals perfectly so you won t leak The silicone rim is thicker and firmer to keep your cup reliably in place and the tapered tip is firm for easy adjustment and removal The silicone in the middle is softer and thinner than that of other cups so it conforms to the shape of your body for maximum comfort The FUN CUP holds 4 to 6 times as much as a tampon depending on which size you choose This kit conveniently includes two sizes for lighter days and heavier days and a handy antimicrobial bag so your cups can safely go wherever you do CUP SIZES OF THE EXPLORE KIT 1 SIZE A 1 SIZE B For women who don t know what size they should choose or want one cup for lighter days and one for heavy days SIZE A Smaller 5 3 cm 4 cm 20 ml Firmer silicone for greater control when placing and adjusting a smaller cup Good for lighter flow ladies who are nervous about using something larger women younger than 30 SIZE B Larger 5 8 cm 4 3 cm 30 ml Softer silicone for a comfortable fit that holds a heavy flow without feeling intrusive Good for heavy flow women who are older than 30 and or have given vaginal birth Not only is the FUN CUP is super convenient you never need to worry about a late night tampon or pad run again but sex is also better when you re not all dried out from using a tampon Tampons can leave micro tears in your vagina leaving you more susceptible to infections the FUN CUP keeps your vagina healthy and ready for action The FUN CUP is also great for oral light fingering strapping on a harness and more This eco friendly option limits your carbon footprint as well The medical grade silicone FUN CUP will only need to be replaced once every few years

  • Fun Factory Fun Cup Single Menstrual Cup Size A

    Good for Lighter flow someone who d prefer something smaller women younger than 30 who haven t given vaginal birth SIZE A 5 3 cm 4 cm 20 ml Firmer silicone for greater control when placing and adjusting a smaller cup A menstrual cup holds 4 6x as much as a tampon Comfortable design that fits your body Great for oral sex Reusable and easy to clean Save money on tampons and pads Practical storage bag included

  • Fun Factory Fun Cup Single Menstrual Cup Size B

    Ideal for heavy flow women who are over 30 years old and or have given vaginal birth SIZE B Larger 5 8 cm 4 3 cm 30 ml Softer silicone for a comfortable fit that holds a heavy flow without feeling intrusive A menstrual cup holds 4 to 6 times as much as a tampon Comfortable design that fits your body Great for oral sex Reusable and easy to clean Save money on tampons and pads Practical storage bag included

  • Fun Factory Volita Clitoral Vibrator

    2 3 day delivery Take powerful orgasms with you wherever you go with the VOLITA The mini version of Fun Factory s bestselling VOLTA vibrator has the same fluttering tips that boost your arousal and amplify the strength of the vibration Lay it on either side of the clit to surround it with sensation run it along the shaft for a better blowjob or slip it between your bodies to make playtime that much more exciting This one speed battery toy is a great first vibrator tool for enhanced couples play or travel essential It s waterproof too so get wet and enjoy Great for solo or partner play Quiet and discreet Non porous and hypoallergenic Takes one AA battery Up to 4 hours of play on one battery Body safe materials